hour by hour { 1730-1830 } melbourne family photography | Documentary

Hour by hour. Showcasing our daily routine one hour at a time. Starting from the early hours of the morning, until the very end of the day, we are sharing our life with you.  Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that we really take for granted.
The moments we hang out, not doing much, but together. The rush of getting dressed and getting the breakfast routine done and dusted. The school run. The never ending supply of laundry. Sitting together for mealtimes.
I don’t want to force my family into activities that they have no interest in, just to get a pretty photo. They won’t appreciate those memories in 30 years. They will appreciate that we lived. We lived together, we fought, we cried, we laughed, we played. We enjoyed life. This is our story.

I am doing this project with  MARLENE SAYSON, follow the link to see what she has been up to with her family.

Zooper Doopers

Dont forget to follow on to Marlene’s Blog to see whats she has been up to.

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